Side Managers Guidelines

Side Managers Guidelines



Prior to a game

After selection of teams is finalised

1. Print, or check, the names of the team members on a 25 end scorecard, if necessary

2. Check, by observation or by asking the person responsible for Bowlslink, that the teams have been entered into Bowlslink.

3. Prepare report cards and envelopes for green fees, if necessary

4. On days of inclement weather, the Home Manager should consult with the Greens Director as to whether the greens are available or not. If they are not available prior to 9.30 am, then either the Secretary or Manager should inform the opposing Club of that decision as well as the SGBD Match Committee chairman.

5. Where a home green is not available for use on the day of play, the draw may be reversed to utilise the visiting sides greens, provided agreement between the two side managers is reached prior to 10.00 am on the day of play. If applicable the second round shall be played on the green shown as the home side in the first round.

6. If there is no agreement, and the greens are not available due to weather, the game is cancelled and the points shared equally. 

7. A visiting Side Manager must ensure that he/she has the appropriate Managers Kit before they depart their home club.

Upon arrival at the venue for play.

The Visiting Manager introduces him/herself to the home team manager and they begin the process as follows.

1. The Home Manager places his cards on the table face down after shuffling, the Away Manager shuffles his cards and places them face down on top of the other cards to determine which teams play each other, and on which rinks.

2. Each Manager then writes the rink number and the opposing teams on each card, and then add the opposing teams on the result sheet or the club printed sheet.

3. The Managers then toss for the mat and then distribute the cards to their sides seconds.

4. Give the team seconds an envelope with the teams name on front to collect green fees. Collect all envelopes and convey them to the appropriate Treasurer of their Club.(This step can be carried out at any stage, but before the teams leave the club rooms to commence the roll up)

Before Roll up

Ensure that all players are present, suitably attired, and ready to commence the roll up.

During the Game

Move between rinks informing the players of required information and ensuring that play is being carried out as per the LAWS OF BOWLS Ed 3.1, the Bowls Victoria Region/Division Conditions of Play and the SGBD Conditions of Play.

Heat Rule

SGBD fixtures Book Rule 9.1.

Other Weather Conditions

SGBD fixtures Book Rule 9.2.


A substitute player can take the place of any team member, at any time, in accordance with the LAWS OF BOWLS Ed 3.1 33.2 and 33.3, 33.4 and DR 2.1.3 and 2.4”.

Delaying play.

Bowls Victoria Region/Division Conditions of Play 2019-20 Page 9 Rule 23

Instant Penalties

42.1. All players, Coaches and Officials are required to conduct themselves in a polite and sports

like manner when participating or officiating in a Pennant Competition and not in any of

the following behaviours:

42.1.1. act in an abusive, threatening, or intimidating manner;

42.1.2. use obscene, offensive, abusive, threatening, or intimidating language;

42.1.3. act in an unsportsmanlike manner;

42.1.4. threaten any person with physical violence or assault;

42.1.5. assault any person;

42.1.6. act in a manner likely to bring the sport of bowls into disrepute; or

42.1.7. act in a manner likely to bring Bowls Victoria into disrepute.

42.2. A failure to comply can result in the Umpire applying an Instantaneous Penalty (Clause 46)

and/or disciplinary action taken in accordance with Disciplinary Breaches (Clause 4).

Bowls Victoria Region/Division Conditions of Play 2020-21 Page 6 Rules 10.


Ensure the side players comply with the following.

Smoking on the green (defined as having a lit cigarette, pipe, cigar, electronic nicotine delivery

system (ENDS) including e-cigs, e-cigarettes and any other form of smoking device) by a player

on the green is not permitted.

Smoking is only permitted in the designated area as determined by the host club.

A failure to comply can result in the Umpire applying an Instantaneous Penalty.

Bowls Victoria Region/Division Conditions of Play 2020-21 Page 6 Rule 11.

Mobile Phones

The use of Mobile Phones/MP3 Players/iPods/iPads/Pagers/Communication Devices

and/or other similar Sound/Communication Devices on the green by a player is not


Bowls Victoria Region/Division Conditions of Play 2020-21 Page 7 Rule 12.

Consumption of alcohol

The consumption of alcohol on the green by a player whilst a game is in progress is

not permitted. A failure to comply can result in the Umpire applying an Instantaneous Penalty

Bowls Victoria Region/Division Conditions of Play 2020-21 Page 7 Rule 13.

After the completion of the Game

The Managers shall:-

1. Collect all scorecards from the seconds ensuring that the cards have been completed and the names of all players are correctly spelt, the scores are shown on the front of the card, the completion time has been entered and the cards are signed by both seconds.

2. The time of the completion of the match is to be shown on the Score Cards.

3. The scores will be entered into Bowlslink by the home side manager and then confirmed by the visiting team side manager. The Home team side manager can confirm the scores in Bowlslink with the approval of the visiting team side manager.


Any protest can be lodged by phone or otherwise with the Secretary of the SGBD on the day of play. This is to be followed by written confirmation within 48 hours of the signing of the cards and the protest noted. If the pennant result sheet has been signed by both side managers without mention made thereon of the grounds of protest, the signed forms shall be taken as correct.

Pennant Welcome.

When more than one side is playing at a Club. The response to the welcome is done by the executive of the senior side e.g. President, Sec, Treasure and if not present, by the Senior Side Manager. Should there be no Executive member in the visiting Senior Side, then the response to the welcome would be made by the Senior Side Manager. In every case it is the Senior Side that responds to the welcome of all visiting Pennant sides.

Note:- This is not in the book. The reply to the welcome is normally done by the visiting team after the game and before players start leaving. The home clubs appreciate this and can be offended if it is not done.