History and Honour Boards

South Gippsland District Ladies

Bowling Association (1957)

On November 25th 1957 ladies from the four existing South Gippsland clubs – Leongatha, Wonthaggi, Korumburra and Mirboo North met with the object of forming an association in the area.  The meeting held at Leongatha saw the attendance of the State President Mrs Middleton and the State Secretary Mrs Williams, the latter congratulating Mrs Olive Cahill and the Leongatha club on calling the meeting.

The association became known as the Gippsland Hills District Ladies Bowling Association and would be represented at the periodical meetings by two delegates from each of the clubs.

 A set of rules governing the new body were drawn up by the delegates at the meeting and Miss Gladys Brumley of Leongatha was elected as the first President of the Association holding office for two years with another Leongatha colleague in Mrs Olive Cahill performing the Secretarial/ Treasury duties.  It was also decided that Pennant would be played on Tuesdays starting at 1:30pm, playing a 21 end game with four practice ends.

 The governing body would operate under the title of Gippsland Hills District Ladies Bowling Association until it changed its name to the title of South Gippsland District Ladies Bowling Association on June 1st 1972.

Honour Board (S.G.B.A.) – South Gippsland Bowls Division Inc

Year President Secretary Champion
1922-23 H Lyndon A Leggo A Mesley
1923-24 H Lyndon A Leggo
1924-25 A Riesley A Leggo
1925-26 W Easton A Leggo
1926-27 C Brumley A Leggo
1927-28 W Easton A Leggo A Mesley
1928-29 W McPherson C Brumley J Sinclair
1929-30 R Hagan C Brumley J Smith
1930-31 H Bond C Brumley W Oakley
1931-32 J Burnett C Brumley W Oakley
1932-33 W Johnson H Bond W Grant
1933-34 W Easton H Bond J Smith
1934-35 Dr Gilbert Dr Gilbert J Smith
1935-36 H Watson H Bond L McPherson
1936-37 R Brink H Bond T Cooper
1937-38 C Arkell H Bond J Smith
1938-39 W Easton L Jephcott F Harvey
1939-40 C Arkell W Jackson J Pulin
1945-46 J Conway W Jackson H Biggs
1946-47 H Bond W Jackson No Record
1947-48 M Hunt W Jackson R Hurst
1948-49 A Aitken W Jackson H Biggs
1949-50 R Easton W Jackson Dr Sleeman
1950-51 D Lewry W Jackson C Richmond
1951-52 H Potter W Jackson E Moore
1952-53 H Bond W Jackson W Sharpe
1953-54 H Goad V Broom No Record
1954-55 C Brumley V Broom H Rilen
1955-56 J Wilson V Broom No Record
1956-57 W Bunn V Broom No Record
1957-58 H Atkins V Broom J Hedley
1958-59 W Ramage V Broom V McLeod
1959-60 N McLean V Broom W Monkhouse
1960-61 C Chapple V Broom T Besford
1961-62 J McIndoe V Broom A Biggs
1962-63 A Lowe V Broom T Besford
1963-64 P Campbell V Broom L Ryan
1964-65 V Broom V Broom A Biggs
1965-66 H Emmett/ D McKay V Broom G Langdon
1966-67 D Davis H Goad G Langdon
1967-68 R Downie V Broom G Langdon
1968-69 J Gunn V Broom G Langdon
1969-70 J Williams V Broom G Langdon
1970-71 M Bollard V Broom G Langdon
1971-72 F Olden W McCarthy G Langdon
1972-73 H Bird W McCarthy G Langdon
1973-74 N McGlead L Ryan G Paragreen
1974-75 E Booth L Ryan T Place
1975-76 T Cook L Ryan B McLaren (Korumburra)
1976-77 F Kerr L Ryan B Peters (Korumburra)
1977-78 W Mihan R McDonald H McDonald
1978-79 W Hinds R McDonald G Forsyth
1979-80 A Bassett/A Sutherland M Annand G Forsyth
1980-81 A Sutherland E Webster G Wilkins
1981-82 L Reynolds E Webster R Rees (Wonthaggi)
1982-83 R Douglas E Webster E Bott (Inverloch)
1983-84 R McDonald E Webster C Ward
1984-85 A Thompson E Webster A Poletti
1985-86 E Booth E Webster E Bott (Inverloch)
1986-87 H Reynolds E Webster M Cargill (Inverloch)
1987-88 R Byrnes R Douglas B Cargill (Wonthaggi)
1988-89 R Bright R Douglas J Williams
1989-90 B Densley R Douglas N Cosson (Korumburra)
1990-91 R Rees R Douglas L Doherty
1991-92 D Arnold R Douglas G Briggs (Wonthaggi)
1992-93 L Chapman R Douglas P Skinner
1993-94 M Haysom R Douglas N Hanna
1994-95 M Mortlock R Douglas G Briggs (Wonthaggi)
1995-96 O Hobson R Douglas J Aworth
1996-97 G Nicholls R Douglas P Michael
1997-98 A Cook R Douglas A Spooner (Toora)
1998-99 L Synan R Douglas N Smillie
1999-2000 R Bright R Douglas E Bott (Inverloch)
2000-01 W Bowers R Douglas N Cosson (Korumburra)
2001-02 G Washfold D Marsh E Bott (Inverloch)
2002-03 R Rees D Marsh J Hall (Leongatha)
2003-04 H Opray D Marsh P McGregor
2004-05 J Riddell D Marsh T McLean (Fish Creek)
2005-06 I Park J Riddell R Burge
2006-07 F Prowd J Riddell E Bott (Inverloch)
2007-08 J Cairnduff J Riddell E Bott Inverloch)
2008-09 M Barnes J Riddell J Hall (Leongatha)
2010-11 A Hanks P Henwood R Jackson (Meeniyan)