When more than one visiting side is playing at the club, the response to Welcome is done by the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer of the senior side and introduced by the Secretary or if not present by the senior side captain. Should there be no executive member present in the visiting side, the response is made by the senior side captain. In every case it is the senior side which responds to the welcome.


“ DO”…

Give full support to the members of your Four and skipper.

Advise your opponent if unable to keep appointment for any game.

Always conform to the correct attire for play.

Applaud good shots and generally encourage all players.

Keep still and silent whilst your opponent and other members of the team are playing.

Remember to return hospitality when a visitor.

Take an interest in the game at all times without interfering.

At all times watch the play.

Abide by the etiquette of the game, and at all times respect rules of the club.


Argue with the captain on the shot to play.

Interfere with the captain unless the position is changed.

Develop mannerisms which indicate displeasure at indifferent play or success.

Follow the bowl further than rules allow.

Have excuses for bad play and readily accept praise for success.

Bewail the luck of the game.

Dispute the umpire’s decision.

Give advice to players from the bank.

Stand too close to the head.

Abuse the privilege of the club.

Be late for the start of the game.

When marking in singles interfere, but give decisive and accurate answers.



Bowls should not be dropped on green.

Do not stand on the edges.

Matches, cigarette ends etc. should be placed in the litter baskets and NOT IN THE DITCHES.Bowls should not be kicked in until the shot has been decided.

After delivering a bowl a player should retire behind the mat at least 1.8 metres.  She should not take up a position at or in front of the mat.

Don’t delay the game.

Don’t wander around or move about the head when a player is about to bowl.

Don’t talk in a loud tone whilst a player is about to deliver a bowl.

In a Fours game the  “Skip”  keeps the score, in a Pairs game the captain.

Bowls is a friendly game, players should show courtesy, good sportsmanship.

All bowlers should know and understand the Laws of the Game as laid down by the Australian Bowling Council.

When watching a match observe strict neutrality. Advice or criticism must not be given. Barracking is bad form.

Don’t applaud your opponent if they accidentally give the shot away.

After the bowling season closes, the club, with it’s facilities, is still open six days a week. To enable the club to operate financially we appeal to you to atronize your club more.